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Fishfinger & Cakes Recipies

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Ingredients:Fish Finger Train

  • 4 Sea Harvest® or any brand of fish fingers available in your country.
  • 1 Small potato boiled and mashed (not to fine) or 1 halve large tablespoon Smash prepared.
  • 2 Tablespoon frozen peas cooked
  • (Or you could use 2 Tablespoon Baked Beans).
  • 3 Baby tomatoes or sweet carrots cut in slices.
  • Piping bag with large star nozzle.


Cook Sea Harvest® Frozen Fish Fingers in microwave for about 1 and a halve minute on med high. Bake the fish fingers in conventional microwave for 2 minutes on both sides untill crispy. Make mashed potato or Smash. Cooked peas in the microwave on med or in small saucepan for about 5 minutes. (Or you could used 2 Tablespoon baked beans from a tin). Arrange the ingredients onto a plate according to the shape of a steamtrain. Finish off by piping the mashed potato for the smoke on the chimney of the train. Tomato sauce can be spread onto the fishfingers for a red train. 

Note: Instead of using tomatoes for the train wheels you could use baby marrows or cherry belle radish cut. For the smoke u could also use icing sugar. Play with different ingredients.

Play with your food.

It is anycase yours to eat.

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