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Russian ComfreyThere is a story of a Russian farmer whose herd of cattle contracted the dreaded foot and mouth disease, as a result of which it became necassary to quarantine the herd prior to their being destroyed.

The sick animals were put into a field containing but a weed thought to be valueless. Whilst in this field, the cattle recovered and since they have eaten nothing but the weed, it was evident that it contained miraculous curative properties. The weed was comfrey. Comfrey is known all over the world and instances of it's curative properties are legion. 

Russian Comfrey grows well in Zimbabwe and could become a cheaply produced and valuable addition for the treatment and cure of a wide range of diseases and injuries in human beings. It's botanical name "Symphytm" comes from the Greek word relating to the power of closing wounds.

Analysis shows that it contains minerals, iron calcium, phosphorus and manganese; no less than 8 vitamins of which 5 are in the important 8-group. No less important are vitamins A, C and E.The B-Group vitamins are: Vit B12; Riboflavin B2; Nicotinic Acid B3; Pantotheric Acid. Vitamin B12, an important anti-cancer agent is used by the medical profession in injections for cancer. Comfrey is rich in this Vitamin. It also contains Allantoin, which is a cell proliferent and which act as a healing of cancer. It plays an important part in promoting growth in the human foetus and is present in mothers milk. Other constituents are Sodium and potasium, the latter being important to Arthritis. Another amino acid is Lythene.

Comfrey was at one time held in high esteem by the medical profesion, and it is still valued by Agricultural and other workers for it's curative properties. It is grown as food for cattle because of it's reputation for producing milk rich in quantity and quality.

Doctors now resort to synthetic medicines because they are easier to adminster and satisfy the public for miracle drugs, yet in Japan Comfrey is known as miracle grass and at the Research Institute of the Kitasato University, research is now being done in it's medical usage. In Japan it is used as a health food and is available as a powder made from the dried leaf and stem. 

In the case of cancer arising apparently from a mulfunctioning of the thyroid gland, surgery was resorted to in order to remove a large modular growth in the throat and chest. The centre of the growth was found to be malignant and a few months after the operation, pain and discomfort were felt.

The patient then began to take massive dosis of Comfrey by the following method:

  1. Cooked in the manner of spinach making sure to include stems and midribs,and first chopping the leaves,as they are tough, compared to spinach.
  2. Raw leaves put through a mincer with boiling water poured over and left to cook, then  strained and bottled and stored in a fridge (as Comfrey goes sour quickly, especially in warm weather).

This was taken throughout the day in place of other liquids. Pain and discomfort subsided and distortion of the nipple disappeared. The patient continued to use Comfrey as a cooked vegetable like spinach, as a tea and Comfrey root, ground to a powder and sprinkled on food. It is now 4 years since the operation and there has been no relapse. 

This patient believes that, had she used Comfrey all along as part of her diet, she would have been spared much suffering. Accordingly, she continues to use it, though in lesser quantities as a preventive against the recurrance of cancer. 

Modern civilized diets are so lacking in natural elements that cancer has become common among young people, who would be wise to acquire the Comfrey habit as a preventive and an aid in maintaining natural health.


Skin Cancer and rodent ulcers respond very well to Comfrey tea taken internally or applied to the site as a lotion or ointment. A successful cure has been recorded by taking Comfrey tea internally and applying Comfrey ointment the ulchers adding 2 drops lemon juice to each site.

If it is found Comfrey does not cure a skin condition, then it should be supplemented with brewers yeast (starting with 2 tablets per meal, increasing to 3).

A woman suffering severe pain low down on her right side was advised to have an exploratory operation, but the patient, having read of the medical use of Comfrey, treated herself with Comfrey tea and powered root. The swelling, pain and tenderness gradually subsided and eventually disappeared altogether. Two years later, she had an operation to correct a prolapse of the womb. Whilst operating, the surgeon found a dead growth on the right ovary that appeared to have been smothered by some substance completely encassing it.

When the patient told her doctor of having taken Comfrey, he was so impressed that he started treating with it and is still doing so.

Comfrey is especially good for gastric disorders, including Duodent and gastric ulcers. A doctor in Lancashire records that he was called to a girl with gastric ulcers, which he treated in the orthodox manner. In 3 weeks, the patient was capable to return to work.

Her mother confessed that the girl took none of the medicines prescribed and that all she had taken were pints of strong Comfrey tea.

A woman patient aged 48 had a large ulcer on the back of her foot and another on her leg. The bases were in places slaught and even gangrene-looking with discharge. The ulcer measured 4 X 5 inches and had been in existance for 5 years. Allantoin dressings were applied and in a week the surface had cleared and shown healthy granulation.

Within 23 days this huge ulcher was reduced to a pinhead and the patient was discharged 2 weeks later, fully cured. Comfrey is just as effective with chronic varicose ulcers. It should be noted that it is more effective when combined with the other beneficient constituents of Comfrey.

Boil 6 large leaves in 2 pints of water, let stand 4 hours and stane of the liquids.

Take half a cup in the morning and one cup at midday, and one at night.

A mastoid case just becoming ripe, with the bone becoming porcus and the alpus accumulating almost ready for surgery, was healed completely within a week by warm cotton compresses soaked  in Comfrey tea, applied 3 - 4 times daily for 3 days until all blood and coloured discharge had disappeared, there was no pain or tenderness and the mastoid was completely healed.

There was no further pain or relapse and planned surgery was unnecessary.

Speedy granulation of the bone is achieved with an equally speedy healing and lessening of pain when a Comfrey tea is taken internally and also applied as compresses to the site. Comfrey has well earned the name of Knitbone, because of it's efficiency in healing fractures. These are all specific cases, but Comfrey is also known effective as a diuretic, for anemia, to bring down blood pressure, to ease inflammation of the joints, and for disorders of the thyroid gland.

Comfrey ointment has a quick effect on stings, bruises,burns, scalds and cuts - the ordinary domestic accidents that happen in the healthiest of families.


Wash the leaves and string them on a wire or strong string, and leave them to dry close to the roof of an open shed. In dull weather they can be dried in a slow oven with the door slightly open.

When thoroughly dry, rub the leaves between your hands into small pieces, about 1/4 square or slightly larger. Then take the midribs and crush them (with a roller pin or pliers), breaking them into pieces, as small as possible, and add them to the dried leaves.

This is important, as the midrib contains more Allantoin than the rest of the leaves. Store in an airtight tin or bottles until needed. Having such Comfrey tea handy, it is easy to make tea in the ordinary way.

By drinking tea this way several times a day, you ingest sufficient of the curative properties of Comfrey to ensure you remain healthy. Prevention is better than cure. In treating disease, a stronger mixture of Comfrey is needed, as recommended in the cases quoted earlier.

Because Comfrey wilts so fast it cannot be sold in shops, it is essential to grow it yourself. Cut a whole plant into four or more sections and put it in a sunny place where this log-lived perennial plant can remain undisturbed. It needs nitrogen fertilizer and because of it's rapid growth, it pays to feed it liberally with compost to hich poultry droppings or other form of animal manure has been added. If unobtainable use gypsum fertilizer.

When cutting, use the stalk as well as the leaves. Use a stainless steel or tinned copper saucepan, but never an aluminium utensil. Comfrey can be cooked as spinach, i.e. tear leaves and cook on low heat in melted margarine, a tablespoon of water, if necessary. Add salt to taste, cook 8-10 minutes untill tender. Comfrey tea can be made with dried or fresh leaves.

Tear the fresh leaves - about 4, put into a tea pot and pour on boiling water and leave to brew. It is made very pleasant with a teaspoon of honey and the same with lime juice. The same leave can be used for several brews. In case of sickness the leaves can be eaten when finished for tea and can be used as a poultice for open wounds, sores, pimples or rashes. The manner in which you consume Comfrey, is your choice.

As spinach, green drink, tea or brew, remembering that relatively small quantities are sufficcient as a preventative and health food, but that larger doses are necessary to provide an effective cure. Patients who need to take Comfrey in quantity, can prepare a green drink. Take 6 - 8 fresh leaves and put in a liquidizer with a tea cup of water, add honey and lime to sweeten. This drink promotes rapid healing after operations, being rich in Vitamin C and Allantoin.

Note: Comfrey is not recommended for Internal use it's prohibited by the government of South Africa for internal use.


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