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How to Fix a Fire for a Braai (BBQ)

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Big deal you need the firebrigade??? No you don't.

You need someone to put out your major fire called Reddare?? No you don't because Reddare like myself know how to extinguish Big fires but you had only start a BBQ (Braai) fire.

Some of the fires that I've started still burning strong but under control. Some major controled fires I've put out on major ovens in SA (Could say the oldest controlled ones).

In any thing you start if it is sex, fire a car engine, jet engine there is responsibalities take note the different responsibilaties and abide by their rules.

Always remember safety first. Your life is important to others even to me and the Lord.

Safety equipment for a normal BBQ (Braai)

1. Goggles.

2. Gloves. (No plastic or latex) leather will do. Or any safe heat resistant will do.

3. A Knive and fork will do.

4. Always remember if you ad some sauces to your BBQ (BRAAI) it would/could have a HIGH IGNITION VALUE like fats and oils in your sauce. Be carefull you could always take the meat of the bbq/braai grid and place it on after you have marinated it with your WHATEVER you want SAUCE  or MARINADE.

5. Keep some water with you if you think your BBQ (Braai) is uncontrolable or you think you'd had a charchoal business and you know you like your steak RARE DONE.

6. Always remember if you got all the time in the world wait for a much cooler fire about a hour or so depends on what u use AFGAS is no answer for those who don't know what is AFGAS, it's a high octane Jet Fuel for suburb fast supersonic aircrafts the other aircrafts use AVTUR (use in commercial aircrafts) but much slower as it's brother AFGAS.

7. I've seen some big brothers and sisters have a bad expierence with gas no beard or no hair. No eye lashes. They are lucky I had seen people nearly loosing their eyes, beards eye brows because of small gas explosions. I've seen some bad burns of COREX GAS (a mixture of coke oven gas and blast furnace gas) and many cats and mots are gone by this vicious gas. Devils gas can't be seen. Can't be smell but it is also a dangerous gas which could be found in many burning prosesses wouldn't realy do anything to the meat but for humans and animals it is very dangerous and toxic.

8. So with all the warnings enjoy your BBQ (BRAAI). I'ts yours to eat.

9. Always remember BBQ (BRAAI) it is a family thing don't stand there on your own or sent your wife to do the job.

Below raw pork on the fire no harsh heat no salt or pepper it will make it taste like rubber if the meat isn't done.

After a couple of minutes depends on the fire you could turn your meat around. No salt pepper or spices yet.

When your meat looks well and you could stick a fork trough it it's done I never stick anything trough it I just used my eyes to see when the meat is done. Know you could bring all your desired sauces together and the salt / pepper and spices and trow it to taste to your meat just remember some sauces contains some fat which will ignite when you trow it on your meat but wouldn't be that bad ignition as long as you don't tro it direct on the fire there will be a big difference.

Below some chicken and sausages fast done and a type of flame grill after they already done and charred for some taste. For the charred effect / taste. I use a mixture of atchar oil and spices.

The final product in a roasting bucket. This part is important to keep your meat tasty and warm while you prepare your mash, your porridge and tamoto and onion  sauces. You could even put some bread on the grid to toast but remember then the fire must be cool not to hot otherwise you will burn your meal and that is for sure not what you want.

Here you see a smokeless fire because there are a chimney envolved.

Still smokeless this picture show you the fire without the smoke. With the chimney on your fire will burn faster also so you could prepare your braai/bbq in a faster time.

Lastly arrange your table the way you like it but for me it will always be around the fire because cokers know how to make fires and how to enjoy them in their own time. If a coker think somethin' is to cold for him he is at the fire and can warm it up quickly.

Tips. If you use wood make sure it isn't poisonous. Don't use unflameable substances like petrol, parrafin to ingnite your fire.

You could use some candle wax on your wood or charcoal to start your fire or even some old fat, cooking oil but never car oil you certainly gonna spoil the taste if you use car oil. And another tip for a lazy fire is sugar. I believe fires love sugar. (A lazy way for me for not telling the mechanics of the sugar, whats important it work). Take note no coker would ever use any fancy stuff to start a fire not even firelighters we keep it simple with matches paper some wood and charcoal or briquettes.

Enjoy your Braai/ BBQ the SA way.

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