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Cocktail Recipies 2

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  • 1 Part Vodka.
  • 3 Parts fresh orange juice.
  • 1 Table spoon lemon juice per glass.
  • 1 Cup crushed ice.


Put 1 cup crushed ice in a mixer.Pour the Vodka, the orange juice and the lemon juice in mixer and shake well.

Pour in a cold glass.

 Three Rivers.jpgIngredients:

  • A block of sugar per glass.
  • Angostura bitter.
  • 1 Part Vodka.
  • Cold champagne.
  • Crushed ice.
  • A twisted piece of lemon peel.


Soak the sugar cube in Angostura bitter and place it carefully into a long cold glass of champagne. Add a spoonful of crushed ice and the vodka in and gently filled with champagne.

Garnish with lemon peel spiral.



  • 2 Parts Vodka.
  • 1 Part dry Vermoët.
  • 1 Turned Lemon Peel.
  • 4 Ice Cubes.


Put 4 Ice cubes in a mixing glass. Add Vodka and Vermoët in and stir well. 

Pour the mix in a cocktail or balloon glass, add a little bit of lemon peel juice and decorate with the lemon peel turned arround a stick (If you like to do so).

 Ingredients:Whiskey Sour

  • 2 Parts USA barley whiskey.
  • 1 Part lemon or lime juice.
  • 1 Cherry.
  • 1 Slice orange.
  • 6 Ice cubes.
  • 1 Teaspoon Sugar.


Put 6 ice cubes in mixing container, add whiskey and lemon- or lime juice and sugar in container. Shake very well and pour in glass.

Decorate with a slice of orange and a cherry on a toothpick.


White Russian.jpgIngredients:

  • 2 Parts Vodka.
  • 1 Part cream.
  • 4 Ice cubes.
  • 1 Part of the Cocoa Creme.


Place four ice cubes in a bar mixer and add the remaining ingredients. Shake well and strain into a cold cocktail.

Serve undecorated.



Hot Tennessee Toddy

Warm Tennessee Sopie

In a heavy mug pour in a good shot of Jack Daniel's® Whiskey.

Gooi ‘n goeie skoot Jack Daniel’s® Whiskey in ‘n swaar beker.

Add a spoonful of honey, a cinnamon stick and lemon juice.

Voeg ‘n lepel heuning, stokkie kaneel en suurlemoen sap by.

Top with boiling water, stir.

Maak vol met kookwater en roer.

Sit down.



Sit rustig.




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